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Monsaraz is a municipality (Freguesia in Portuguese) in the district of Reguengos de Monsaraz in the Alentejo Region in Portugal, with an area of 88.3 km² and a population of 781 (June 30, 2011). The population density is 8.8 inhabitants per km². Since 1838 Monsaraz belongs to the district of the same name, 15 km from the town Reguengos de Monsaraz .

The village of Monsaraz was conquered from the Moors in 1167, by the men of Geraldo Geraldes (The Fearless). The first charter was granted by D. Afonso III, on January 15, 1276. The castle of Monsaraz played over the centuries the role of sentinel of the Guadiana river, guarding the border with Castile. The village came to administer three parishes: Matriz de Santa Maria da Lagoa, Santiago e São Bartolomeu.
Monsaraz helds an important cultural event, with biennial format called “Monsaraz Open Museum”, an initiative that usually takes place in July.

“Aficionados” of bullfighting, the people of Monsaraz intend to enjoy an exceptional status regarding the death of the bull, as happens in the village of Barrancos since 2002, they can legally kill the bull in the arena.

Those who visit this historic village can not only appreciate the monumental heritage and landscape, but also exhibitions of various art forms that are permanently displayed in the cycle of exhibitions in the Santiago’s church.

Monsaraz was, in 2007, finalist in the national contest "7 Wonders of Portugal".


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